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Anonymous asked: why not support the empire? what is your take on them?

((had to think long on this. Please excuse my wording and possible wrongness.

Everything has a cycle. It starts, it continues, it ends and from my perspective, the Empire is dying. It died with Martin Septim. The death throes have been long, but they are settling in. In the dark brotherhood questline, you are given the task of asssinating the emperor, by one of his advisors (noble family? court family). It is done because the other wants to advance his position in the Empire. This will continue, this is the final nail in the coffin. That is what signifies the Empires end.

And sincerely? I don’t think the Empire has the strength too fight the Thalmor back. I think that there will be a new emperor, that will be killed, and another one.

And then we have Hammerfell. I’m not… 100 percent on this, but a large part of Hammerfells warriors are confined to the deserts, for them not agreeing with the Empire. Those warriors will not fight with the emperor, but they might unite with Skyrim to fight the Dominion.

And also… I mean, I just wrote this long as shit about Talos worship, but really think about it. Skyrim is ruled by people who have no interest or desire to understand Skyrim, and it’s not weird because they are miles and miles away, so why should they bother.

Hammerfell fought back the Dominion, and as I understood it, the Nords believe that they could have done the same. Signing the WhiteGold concordant shows that the Empire doesn’t care about Skyrim, because its not their own religion that gets mauled and made into nothing. The loss of traditions and a god is not a small thing, I support the right for fighting it. If the Empire could not win against the Thalmor the first time, will they be able to do so the second?

So. Basically I feel like this, if I can give some real world examples of which the situation reminds me off? Finland was, for a long time, part of Sweden. The power their government had was only for show, it was the Swedish government that made the real decisions. They outruled their religion, made them Christian, forced them to learn the swedish language.

And then when Russia pounded on our door, we signed Finland over to them. As if though they were something to be traded. And Russia is not nice. We took them back and when they started complaining that they wanted their freedom, we gave it to them eventually. Then when russia came again during the Winter War, we did not help them. They had fought for us, died for us.

It’s not he same thing, but it’s what I think off. They traded away Skyrims soul and traditions, and the Nords had died for them, fought for them. It doesn’t matter, not really, that they had (I don’t think that they did, but that is a whole other can o worms) to. Of course the Nords felt betrayed. Take the execution in Solitude, for example. He was following ancient Nord tradition, Ulfric had challenged the other and according to their traditions, he was allowed to go. So he is executed. Now if the tradition is right or not is another question, but it shows how out of touch the Empire is with Skyrim, and why even if they win, they will never lead the country to victory.

This is way to long and I’m rambling. I should sleep.

  • 14 April 2012
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