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About Talos worship

do you have anything more about talos worship?

Write about Talos worship you say? You have no idea what you’ve started. Now, I am a bit… uncomfortable in writing about such a sensitive topic in a language I don’t really grasp fully, so please, if there is anything that sounds really horrible, please give me the benefit of the doubt. I… don’t want to step on anyones toes, and this is me discussing religion, and that is just… yeah. Even if its fictional. I’ll put it under a cut or I would if I was able to, why can’t I put it under a cut?. I would much prefer to write it in a story or a drabble, but I’ll try a rambling thing once.

Want to know why I find the Whitegold concordant so horrible?

By removing a peoples religion, you also remove their traditions. You cripple them, you take away their identity. How to oppress a people? Take away their Gods, mock their religion, take their traditions and render them moot. It happens, all the time, Christians have a long history of doing it. Every oppressive regime does.

Because religion is, and has always been, more than ‘just’ Gods, they are often on what the laws are built upon; they are the reasoning behind traditions. If we take an example from the real world, even in the very religious void countries (Sweden,Finland, Japan etc) the laws and celebrations still have a very religious background.

A people are built by what it believes in, and one of the ways to oppress and silence another peoples voice is to take away their beliefs.

The whole ‘It’s just a God’ argument that I heard from Tullius left a bad taste in my mouth. It is never just a god. It is never just a religion.

The Thalmor are very clever, I’ll give them that, removing another peoples identity in such a way? What a perfect way to start undermining their identity. Men and women are killed by their secret shrines, for daring to pray to something that the Thalmor does not believe in. Seriously, these women and men and children, not warriors but farmers, are killed for worshipping the ‘wrong’ God. And yet they still try, they still build secret shrines, they carry amulets underneath their dress, they still use ‘the Nine’. They could, and they do, get killed for that. It’s not just a God.

The Nords are either warriors or farmers, most of them farmers, and they get killed for worshipping the wrong God. And the Empire does nothing.

The Empire was built by this God, and it is hinted all through out that the Imperial loyal Nords have not stopped praying to Talos, no matter what their superiors say. But imagine being a farmer, raised by certain traditions and deeply respects the empire built by your countries personal god, and then you are betrayed by the Empire that has sworn to protect you. Your entire culture, your entire belief system becomes a pawn in a political game.

Tiber Septim the man was a grade-a doucebag, but as a god he is so much more. I wrote a little  bit about in that drabble with Liv, and I still believe it. Talos is a living example to the Nords of what they can be, that they are not limited by their forms, that they can and should reach for the skies. As a God, Talos is a testament to fighting, for glory and for honour. As a man, he is a legend but still only mortal.

I hate Ulfric. I do. I hate the fact that the grey quarters exist and the one god damn place I was actually moved to tears in the game was when I hear the dejected anger and sorrow from the argonians outside Windhelm. That argonian woman that is always happy? Yeah. I love her. I’ve married her in every single playthrough. And then I moved her into Hjerim, because fuck Ulfric.

I also loathe Tullius. The man is serving in Skyrim, he says ‘kings’ instead of ‘jarls’, expresses confusion and irritation at the countries traditions and calls them ‘barbaric’. I love Rikke, though, that woman be so awesome I can’t breathe. And right there in the beginning, when you are to be executed to dare crossing the border at the same time as some Stormcloaks decide to be in close vicinity. They also execute a man that stole a horse.

There was no trial, nothing, at least two men that has not committed the crimes they are judged for are walking to the executioner. Yeah, I don’t… like that. I mean, sure, they needed to loop the head of Ulfric as fast as possible, but the rest? The dragonborn and the horsethief aren’t even wearing the Stormcloak colors, yet better to kill all of them and catch the bad guy, right? The ends justify the means.

Yeah, an Empire that reasons like that does not get to call Skyrim peoplebarbaric.

They are all as bad as each other basically, and as in every other situation where higher ups start to squabble, it’s the ‘ordinary’ people that get the harshest deal.

I have played the game through three times. Once a stormcloak, once an imperial and once neutral. I basically based my characters on what political view they had and always decided very early what camp they would join. Both sides have their points, both sides have their enormous faults. I… wish there had been more interaction with the soldiers.

I don’t think that most stormcloaks care if the dragonborn is a nord or a khajit, just as I don’t think most imperials doesn’t give a rats ass about Talos. I want more with the ordinary people, the one that joins a side because it’s expected of them, or because they had no other choice, or the ones that believes so deeply in the ideas that they die for them. Now we only got a clear view of the leaders, and I don’t like what I saw.

Wanna know the DLC I’m praying to the almighty game gods for? Political DLC, with diplomatic meetings, tough decisions, speeches , trials and a chance to smack Ulfric and Tullius on the back of their heads. With a frying pan. That is on fire.

  • 13 April 2012
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